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Only in Italian, sorry! But... Who knows... perhaps an occasion to learn it! 

On Etilika, the producers themselves tell you everything about their wines. 

In this section you will be able to listen to all Etilika Winecasts, audio content with the voice and personality of the people who produce the wine we selected for you.

This allows you to have a direct contact with the winemaker, that you cannot find in wine shops.

If you look at any product in this section, you will find a player icon below the name of the wine, and you will just need to click on it to hear the producer.

The idea was born from the desire to offer you a unique experience, taking all producers' voices and bringing them directly to your home. Something you could only experience with winery visits or wine fairs and events, now you can experience it from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet and laptop. You can listen to them and let them guide you in the choice of the wine, or you can listen to them while you are tasting their wines.

If before you could only taste the high quality of these wines, now you can hear it too!

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